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Filo: facing up to competition with verve

At one time Filo was known as the weavers’ show. Now it is obvious that knit is an equally interesting area for many of the mills represented in the show in Milan 10th Sep-2nd Oct for Spring/Summer 2017. Exhibitors like Fil-3, Safil and many others had both areas covered. In fact there are several weave spinners the writer has met in the past two weeks who said they were considering bringing out a knitting range for the first time. This is to satisfy the move towards producing complementary knit and woven samples to colour co-ordinate and to increase the appeal of the season’s trends. The rise of accessories also feeds into this, as colours and textures are replicated in various areas of fashion…

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Italian spinner creates cotton fibre from clothing offcuts

An Italian spinner is launching a cotton fabric derived from cuttings generated during clothing manufacture. Marchi & Fildi says Ecotec fibre can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 56%, energy consumption by 50% and water use by 78% compared with standard cotton. The Italian company operates an R&D centre and says there are opportunities for partnership, allowing clients to create new ECOTEC products. Ecotec will be launched for the autumn-winter 2016/2017 season, and presented by textile body CLASS (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy)…

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Fiera Filo 2015


Il 1° ottobre 2015, in occasione dell’edizione estiva 2017 della storica fiera “FILO”, organizzata dall’Unione Industriale Biellese, il Vice Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico, Carlo Calenda, ha visitato lo stand di Marchi & Fildi e di Filidea presso il Palazzo delle Stelline di Milano.
Ringraziamo il Vice Ministro per la vicinanza dimostrata alla nostra Azienda ed a tutto il mondo delle imprese, esempio di quella buona politica  di cui il nostro Paese ha bisogno per ricominciare a crescere.


Il Gruppo, con il brand Filidea, ha partecipato all’edizione 2015 di Techtextil, fiera internazionale del tessile tecnico, dove ha presentato le ultime novità nel campo dei filati performanti.
L’edizione è stata un grande successo facendo registrare un notevole afflusso di partecipanti interessati a scoprire gli ultimi sviluppi del nostro reparto di R&D.